Reviews about Lucky Joker Amatic

Lucky Joker is a slot machine released by Amatik in 2016 and has gained popularity among hundreds of thousands of players around the world. The Lucky Joker slot machine is regularly included in the TOP 50 of the most popular online games and slot machines of the leading online casinos.

Lucky Joker is a classic 5-reel slot fruit with 3 or 4 symbols each, including folded symbols.

We have collected the most popular reviews of real players about Lucky Joker slots on our website.

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Reviews of players about Lucky Joker in online casinos

Review: Play for Real Money at Lucky Joker


I decided to spend a little time on the demo of Lucky Joker in order to better understand how to play this slot. Half an hour was enough for me. Then I made a deposit and started playing for real money at Lucky Joker. I got a good jackpot very quickly. To be honest, it's very interesting what percentage of return this slot has, but I was lucky with my 10th try. Someone will say that 40 dollars is a very small win, but I played for 3-4 minutes. I decided to stop and withdrew the money.

Alan, 19 years old

Review: Access to the free version of the Lucky Joker


It's great that some online casinos offer access to the free version of Lucky Joker. Yes, you can play for free at Lucky Joker. If you are new to gambling, then this is cool slot for you. You can try to play for free, and then decide whether you like the slot or not. But in my experience, you shouldn't focus on one slot - slots are very moody. Sometimes they let you win, and sometimes they don't. Therefore, the secret of success is to understand whether the slot allows you to win and, if not, then change a slot you play. This is usually how good money is won.

Olga, 23 years old

Review: I won about 100 dollars


I doubled my deposit very quickly. I won about 100 US dollars in about half an hour. The Lucky Joker slot allows you to win and therefore the slot is excellent. I do not know if it will be lucky next time, but so far, my opinion is the best about Lucky Joker.

Mark, 23 years old

Review: It's much more interesting to play for money


Everything is fine in this slot. Almost all casinos give a bonus for any replenishment of the deposit. There are many slots to play. If you don't like Lucky Joker, then you can choose others. True, there is no jackpot in Lucky Joker, but the guys say it's good - you can win. Only a few wins in a slot with a jackpot, but here may people can win real money. I also like a demo version, because I played for a couple of hours, but then I thought that playing for money is much more interesting.

Max, 22 years old

Review: Lucky Joker is very simple


There are very difficult games and even slots in the casino. It is wrong to think that any slot is easy. Not true. Nowadays such complex slots are created with a bunch of bonuses, the risk of games that you need to be a professional to figure it out. Lucky Joker is very simple. This is the perfect newbie slot. If you are just starting to play, then the complex slots will be difficult to figure out rules and all tricks. Many things you will do intuitively, and this is the first step to failure. In gambling, you need to think ...

Sergio, 21 years old

Review: I like everything about Lucky Joker


I like everything about Lucky Joker, and indeed the idea of playing in an online casino. All transactions can be carried out in currency I want – euro or dollars. It has not high minimum deposit. You can play in any currency, for example, dollars, euros or even Colombian peso. The main payment ways are also here. There are no problems with the withdrawal, you just need to go through verification. It takes about an hour. I regularly cash out my game wallet and withdraw money to the card. Everything is fine.

Nick, 20 years old

Review: I play in the casino for fun


A very colorful online game. I love the fruit theme. It looks funny and amuses me a lot. I play in casinos for fun, and not really to win. Usually I lose a little, but often I win a little money. At such moments you feel like a gambling tycoon, even if we are talking about 10 dollars. I love Lucky Joker and all the fruit themed slot machines.

Natalia, 22 years old

Review: The slot is very funny


I heard about Lucky Joker for a long time, but decided to try it only now. The slot is very funny. We can say that this is a classic fruit slot. Lucky Joker is very simple in essence. You won't find bonuses or anything like that. Someone will like it, because you cannot be distracted, but only play and play. But someone will say that such a slot gives you less opportunity to win money. I don't know who's right, but it's worth a try.

Ivan, 24 years old

Review: This is a classic slot machine


I was intrigued by the description of the Lucky Joker slot. Recently, even the slots began to add complex elements such as risk games and so on, which is not typical for classic slots. I don't like that. And here we are talking about a classic slot machine, where there are only bets, fruits and other symbols that are joyful for the player. A friend says I'm an old school player. Maybe it is, because I started playing back in 2001. But Lucky Joker makes me happy. Played and will play.

Matt, 41 years old

Review: Register in an online casino


The buddy said about the Lucky Joker. I registered at an online casino and did not regret about it. Of course, different online casinos have different conditions, so I won't talk about where I play. Maybe they have already run out of such favorable conditions. But I received 700 free spins for a week of play and a bonus to the deposit - I credited 50 dollars, and the game account turned out to be 100 dollars. In my opinion, very generous. I spent free spins in 3 days and won about 200 dollars from scratch. It didn't work out so well with the deposit. Only 120 dollars, that is, I won 20 dollars. But in total I spent about 3 hours - sometimes a minus, then a plus. True, it was not possible to withdraw to the card - they said that either you need to wait a few hours, or immediately to the Qiwi wallet. I chose Kiwi. It came in 20 minutes.

Vlad, 28 years old

Review: You need to choose the best online casinos


I realized a long time ago that you need to choose the best online casinos to play. It seems like Lucky Joker is the same everywhere, but there are many nuances - account currency, game fairness control, support service, and even the interface and ease of search in the list of games. And if you win, it is almost impossible to withdraw money from dubious online casinos. Play at proven and reliable online casinos.

Nadia, 34 years old

Review: Play online casino


Some online casino offers very generous bonuses. This is the first time I see that for registration and not the largest replenishment of the account, they poured so many bonuses. Very cool. Lucky Joker is a very worthy slot machine to play that anyone who starts playing online casinos should try.

Victor, 27 years old

Review: Licensed Slot


I always choose to play those casinos that have a license. These casinos always offer licensed slots. And a licensed slot means that it is a direct slot from the creator of the game - every chance to win and withdraw the winnings, as well as real graphics and game speed. A fake slot can even slow down, in addition, and write off the bet as a loss, although this will be the fault of the casino. Therefore, choose the right casinos where to play Lucky Joker.

Den, 30 years old

Review: Lucky Joker is fair and lets everyone win


Pro gamblers underestimate Lucky Joker. They believe that the slot is very simple and since there are no bonuses in it, there are fewer opportunities to win. But this is not the case. The return rate is 95% -96%. In any other online slot with bonuses and risk playing, the return percentage will be the same. This means that Lucky Jorke gives out the same amount of money, but in the process of spins, and not bonuses. It should be remembered that bonuses and the risk of the game are a very difficult topic for winning, because luck really works there, otherwise there is no way to win. For me, Lucky Joker is fair and gives win to everyone who plays and adheres to the correct strategy of the game.

Daniel, 27 years old

Review: Lucky Joker is a very good slot


Lucky Joker is a very good slot. I like the ability to customize the slot for myself. For example, the number of lines is from 1 to 5 and I can adjust the number of paylines. The winnings are very balanced. There is no jackpot or similar impressive features, but there is a feeling that the winnings are distributed among all the players at the same time. This is good because everyone wins.

Marco, 25 years old

Review: Many casinos give access to the demo version of Lucky Joker


Many casinos give access to the demo version of Lucky Joker. I like it, because although I am a bit of a gambling person, I don’t want to spend my personal money. And so, I played the slot, got impressions and my share of adrenaline, and everything is fine. You can live on.

Maria, 36 years old

Review: The slot has a good reputation among players


I can't say that Lucky Joker is a very new or very old slot. The slot machine was released in 2016-2017, but, according to my observations, most of the good online casinos offer Lucky Joker for playing. This is a sign that the slot is becoming a gaming classic and that the slot has a good reputation among the players.

Elena, 27 years old

Review: The slot is very cool


The graphics leave a great impression. The slot is very cool. The casino support service helped to withdraw the money, because the system showed an error when choosing. The guys quickly answered, apologized, after 15 minutes the money was already on the card.

Nelson, 22 years old

Review: Lucky Joker - a slot machine for a beginner


I just started playing in online casinos. A friend said that Lucky Joker is one of those slot machines that a beginner should try. I played for a couple of days. It feels good. I won a little.

Pavel, 37 years old

Review: I play and will play Lucky Joker


I raised it from 30 dollars to almost 200 dollars in an hour. Where else could this be? I play and will play Lucky Joker.

John, 29 years old

Review: It turns out to win a little


I am on maternity leave and all the time I thought about what to do with myself. The peculiarity is that I can't really plan anything, because at any moment the child may demand my attention. And playing online slots is what you need. You can stop at any time. Yes, and it turns out to win a little. I even had enough for cosmetics and stopped asking my husband.

Amy, 22 years old

Review: First experience with Lucky Joker


The first experience with Lucky Joker was unsuccessful. I threw a deposit of 15 dollars and lost everything. And I lost very quickly. But there was a feeling that I was playing incorrectly and that I needed to be different. As a result, I replenished the deposit for 30 dollars, began to play and soon raised it to 150 dollars. I thought it would be better to stop. Withdrawn 100 dollars, 50 left on the account. I will play the third time. Let's see how it goes.

Kon, 28 years old

Review: I like online casinos


I fell for advertising online casinos and do not want to. Now it's easier to kill time, because social media is boring too. And when you play, the time flies by. I like it.

Ksenia, 24 years old

Review: I advise everyone to play Lucky Joker


I play Lucky Joker all the time. Every time I win 15-30 dollars as a money prize. If you play actively, then there are 50-80 dollars per day. That's pretty good money for minimal effort. I advise all friends to play Lucky Joker.

Valentine, 25 years old