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How to play Lucky Joker slot

How to win real money in Lucky Joker

You can win with any online casino. If there was not a single player won, then everyone would have understood this obvious truth long ago, having stopped playing in online casinos. However, most players play without any strategy or thought, just clicking the buttons randomly.

Yes, you can hope for a lucky break, but it's better to use the right strategy of the game. The strategy of the game must be selected taking into account the slot and your personal characteristics. For example, some players do not like to take risks and choose a calm and conservative strategy of the game, while other players like to risk, trying to choose a strategy of maximum risk.

Lucky Joker strategies

  1. Conservative strategy - Zig Zag strategy

    This is one of the favorite strategy games among gamers. Its idea is quite simple - you need to be ready to frequently change slots in a casino. Do 10-15 launches of the game. If the balance has increased, then great, let's continue playing. If the balance has dropped, then we change the slot.

    But that's not all. It is important to either place the minimum bet only, or choose one amount for the bet that you place all rounds. Choose a different number of pay lines. The point is rather in the random nature of the process, when computer algorithms cannot understand the manner of your game. Every time you change the game settings.

    When changing slots frequently in online casinos, first of all, you have fun. Second, many experts say that the chances of failure with such an approach are minimized as the computer algorithm doesn’t have time to get used to your manner. And since there is less chance of losing, it means more chances of winning. Moreover, as we know, the winnings in slot machines can be big.

  2. Moderate strategy - Parlay strategy

    The main idea is that the rate is being reduced twice after each loss. In this case, the game is played on all of the pay lines. Such a strategy for playing the Lucky Joker slot allows you to minimize the risk, at the same time, increasing the chances of winning the amount of money that will cover the loss.

    Gamers love Parlay strategy, because with such a game strategy the game time is expanded and the game score seems almost endless. This is a really moderate strategy where you may not be able to win much, but the chances of losing are also minimal. With a little luck, you can stop when you win. If your goal is to enjoy the game, then this game strategy will allow you to play for a long time and enjoy the process of the game.

  3. Maximum Risk Strategy - Martingale Strategy

    This is a very risky strategy that, however, has great popularity among players. The main point of the strategy is as follows - the game is played on just one line. Starting with the minimum bet, the player doubles each subsequent bet. Thus, the game continues until the first win. After winning, the player starts again with the minimum bet.

    This strategy seems quite logical, because even if you lose, for example, 10 times in a row, for the 11th time you will win an amount of money that will cover all previous losses. But the disadvantages of such a strategy for playing Lucky Joker are also obvious: the balance of the game account may not be enough, because there is a chance that the non-win may drag on for 10-15-20 rounds.

    In addition, this strategy is emotionally difficult. After all, it is psychologically difficult to double the bet every time, despite the loss. Martingale strategy for the most experienced players with nerves of steel.

When choosing the game strategy don’t forget about the basic rules of the right answer to the question “How to play and win in the Lucky Joker game?”:

  1. Choose slots with a large return rate (over 90%). Lucky Joker belongs to such slot, so you can play with no fear. However, introduce a new rule for you - to play only on slot machines where the return is over than 90%;
  2. Exclude from the list of slots in which you play those slots with blackjack. Yes, the odds of winning $ 1 million are attractive, but let's be honest - the odds are minimal. One of many dozens of players. So, let’s be realistic when assessing your odds in online casinos - you can win by playing the right slots with a smart strategy in your head. But chasing a pie in the sky is hardly worth it ...